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unconventional adj.  1. To be unlike, to be distinguishable from others  2. Different, unmistakable, unique, remarkable, imaginative     3. Ability to think outside the box

Established in 1998, Unconventional Planning Inc. is a full service, bilingual conference and association management firm based in Ottawa, Ontario who manage an average of 15 – 20 conferences, meetings and events per year, ranging in size from 50 to over 1,000 participants in locations throughout North America.


Unconventional Planning has extensive experience working with Canadian government departments and medical groups, corporations, charitable organizations, as well as several Canadian, American and international associations. Unconventional Planning also acts as a secretariat for three medical associations.  


At Unconventional Planning we follow these simple principles:


  • Provide exceptional service

  • Exceed client expectations

  • Do not compromise on quality

  • Be concise and accurate with details

  • Explore all possibilities before acting

  • Engage skilled, professional and friendly staff

  • Engage skilled, professional and service-oriented suppliers

  • Maintain strong values and work ethic

  • Keep an open mind and recognize the value of everyone’s opinion

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