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Unconventional Planning can assist your team with in delivering an exceptional experience for your delegates, while ensuring that you ultimately meet your overall objectives and financial goals.


Whether it is a small board meeting, an event or a multi-day conference, Unconventional Planning can partner with you to provide partial services, such as registration, on-site logistics of trade show management, or they can provide a full a list of services, or turn-key operation.


Regardless of the size or scope of your event, or your required services, Unconventional Planning would welcome the opportunity to connect with you, to hear your requirements and to prepare a custom proposal.

Unconventional Planning provides support for Associations who typically have a volunteer Board of Directors, and few or no full-time employees. We help these organizations manage the day-to-day operations, such as responding to membership questions or processing renewals, keeping the website current, banking and financial reporting or recording minutes at meetings.

We also provide support with organizing and planning for the annual general meeting or annual conference, strategic planning, or developing and maintaining policies, procedures, manuals and resources.

Unconventional Planning has the experience to support any of the needs of your Association – big or small. Let us take care of your members and operation so your Board or Executive can remain focused on governing, leadership, and on advancing the strategic goals and priorities of your Association.

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